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Staffing is tedious and complex process. Not anymore with Viriksha HR Solutions. We simplify the complexity of staffing with our expert team and exceptional resource. 

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All our process are well-defined and data based that makes system completely systematic

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Our team of expert will guide you reaching your goal on-time every time

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Genral Staffing
(Permanent Staffing & Contract Staffing)

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Operate according to your requirement and need preference on our services 


Our team of expert will guide you reaching your goal at any point in the process

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All our process are well-defined and data based. Refined through huge volume of profiles.

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Pay according to your requirement and needs in availing our service

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General Staffing

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Viriksha HR Solution offers high-impact end-to-end temporary staffing solutions that help companies scale up and down seamlessly. With our general services, you can bring in additional resources when most needed without worrying about managing them on the project’s completion time frame because we do this for your business! In addition, we offer a full range of services that are designed for the needs of your business. From project management and service delivery to keeping track of SLAs compliance- all under one roof!

Viriksha’s Exclusive Portal

We design customized solutions that use both people and technology to save costs, reduce risks, and improve the efficiency of your business processes. We have worked with many leading organizations to understand their needs, fill in the gaps, and improve their processes.

Performance Management Outsourcing

Many middle and large-sized businesses are outsourcing their human resource processes. This is happening in all industries. Outsourcing HR processes have been common in India for about a decade. The outsourcing industry is growing quickly, and one of the main reasons is that outsourcing organizations can provide cost-saving benefits to their clients. Outsourcing is a way for companies to get work done that they don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to do themselves. Viriksha HR Solutions offers these services through experienced professionals who know what they’re doing. Performance management outsourcing is when you get someone else to do all the work of monitoring, measuring, and managing employee performance.

  • Performance Appraisal System

Performance appraisals are a way for organizations to evaluate their employees and ensure that the company is getting what it pays. 

  • Goal Setting

To set an achievable goal that raises the standards of the organization and makes sure necessary action plans are implemented to achieve it.

  • Action plans to be implemented in a systematic manner

By taking the time to develop sound, well-thought-out policies and procedures for your company’s actions you can ensure that they are carried out with efficiency. 

  • Setting necessary tools

To make sure every employee meets appropriate standards, we need to set up tools to measure their performance effectively.

  • Complete HR Consulting

With our integrated HR domain, your organization will be able to function seamlessly.

  • Talent motivation & Appraisal

Retain your top talent pool with an in-demand employer brand that stands for the best industrial policies and motivation criterions.

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