Payroll Outsourcing & Administration

Payroll Outsourcing & Administration

Payroll Automation


We comply with all the existing payroll policy most of the organisation and flexible enough to customise to the needs of the organisations we serve. We follow all the statutory guidelines.

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All our process are well-defined and data based that makes system completely systematic

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Our team of expert will guide you reaching your goal on-time every time

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Why Viriksha HR Solution

Payroll Outsourcing & Administration

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We always provide the best service to meet your needs.


Our adept team is here to help you reach your goal at any point in the process.

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All of our processes are well-defined and data-based. Built through a huge volume of profiles that have been refined to perfection!

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To get the best service possible, pay according to your requirement and needs in availing of our services


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Why Viriksha is exclusive?

Our Payroll and Administration

You can save money & time on payroll costs by using an in-house payroll system.

You can save money on your taxes and avoid penalties by using our payroll assistance.

Your data is secured with the latest in encryption technology from our Payroll system.

Eliminate Payroll Processing Errors, save time and money with our comprehensive payroll assistance.

We offer flexible computing, complex pay structures, and multiple salary revisions

Let our team handle the hassle of recruiting and retaining employees, so you can focus on what matters most.

The government has policies that make it easy to govern a business and we make it happen through our rigorous compliance with government policies.

Payroll Managed Services

All the required rules and regulations

Viriksha HR Solutions offers the best corporate payroll services in India. In the HR spectrum, Payroll management is an essential service that needs rigorous quality adherence, agility & a high degree of planning. To maximize your company’s profits – our payroll unit offers error-free payroll processing through a customized Employee Self Service (ESS) & facilitates employee interaction and client Self Service (CSS) through a secured web network. We are experts in processing reimbursements, handling full and final settlements, preparing salary slips, and dealing with other similar issues. We help our clients process their payrolls in a consistent way. We also help them handle customer queries and keep their data safe.

Payroll Process

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Administration Benefits

Our online employee self-service system

At Viriksha HR Solution, we provide a range of HR solutions that focus on what our clients need. Managing employee benefits is important for any business, and we work hard to make sure your investment pays off. We guarantee results from our benefit plans, so you can be sure your employees are taken care of.  We offer our Benefit Administration services to both large and mid-sized organizations. Our team of experts has more than fifty years of experience, which means they can help you manage your costs and reduce risk while improving compliance. We provide this support through an exceptional customer experience that leads to better engagement and satisfaction.Employee benefits are essential for companies. They need to have specialized services that are cheap and that employees will be happy with. We use the latest technology and processes to manage all of the HR management or employee benefits.

Leading EPF Consultant

We have easy-to-understand processes

Viriksha is a company that has earned the confidence and trust of numerous companies in a short span. We provide services for industries such as public sector undertakings, educational institutions including IT & software development firms to health care departments across India’s vast metropolitan cities with our excellent customer support system which ensures satisfaction guaranteed!

If you are looking for an ESI PF consultant with vast experience in the work field, then look no more! Viriksha is one of India’s finest conditioned by its expert staff members and robust infrastructure.




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