How To Manage Under Performance And Improve Employee Productivity Through Staffing Solutions

What’s the difference between poor performance and under performance? Poor performers lack resources, skills, or plans while those who Under performance are just doing their work but not contributing enough toward the teams’ success which affects them all as a whole.

The root cause of employee under performance isn’t skills, rather it’s a lack of emotional intelligence and empathy. If you want to lower the number on your bad performers in an organization then performance cycles are a good place to start things off!

How To Improve Your Business With A Performance Cycle

Performance management cycles are a great way to identify and improve employee performance. This process starts by setting goals, which provide clear objectives for managers in their daily tasks of managing employees while tracking whether or not they meet these milestone dates helps put data points on what needs improvement regarding work output per individual worker’s skillset while providing crucial information that can be used when making decisions about future promotions as well!

Measuring employee performance is done by human resource of that organization by the number of hours they spend working can lead to errors. It’s important for managers and employees alike which can be done with the help of third-party management staffing services, when evaluating each other in terms of their contribution towards an organization’s goals, not just focus solely on current results but also look at how that person has grown over time; this will give you insight into potential future successes if managed correctly!

Early Warning Signs That Your Employee Is Slacking Off

Your organization can save a lot of money by identifying under performers before the performance cycle even starts through assistance from manpower consultant which is achievable by outsourcing services. You should know about leading indicators and evaluate last time’s results to set appropriate objectives this time around!

  • Productivity and outcomes will be affected if an employee gives more time to low-priority tasks. To avoid this, you can use a timesheet software that tracks how much effort has been put into different projects or jobs throughout the day so managers know what activities their employees would rather focus on!
  • It is important to check if the number of leaves taken by an employee during their last cycle was similar in this performance period as well.
  • Missing deadlines is a problem that can have serious consequences.
  • The number of complaints might be high if either customers or colleagues have reported them.
  • Check how well an employee communicates with their team members during work hours.

Examining The Reasons Behind Employee Under-Performance

The reasons for under performance by employees can be attributed to many things such as the manager they work with, their CEO, or even just a lack of general leadership. Viriksha HR solutions offers exclusive consulting services for firms who wants better productivity from their employees.

Without regular check-ins to understand the pulse of employees, there is no way for managers or coaches to get an accurate sense of how they’re doing.

  • When companies prioritize their targets, and money and ignore employee well-being it can have a negative impact on the quality of life for those who work there.
  • Focusing on the wrong metrics can lead to a lack of productivity. For example, writing low-quality articles instead of 2 high-quality ones will make it difficult for you and your team’s success is spurred by this type of reasoning because they’re not being focused correctly which may cause them frustration or even burnout if left unchecked long enough
  • By denying employees the opportunity to do their work in an autonomous manner, employers create a sense of tension.
  • Employees do not receive constructive feedback to improve their work to achieve their targets.
  • Setting goals that are too high and unrealistic from the start, leads to underachievement.

5 Tips To Effectively Manage Under-Performance In Your Business

Under performance is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be and here’s how you can address the problem:

1. To understand an issue better, you have to first know why it’s happening and what behavior or action is causing this problem.

2. When analyzing an employee’s performance, it is important to take into account the gap between their goals and accomplishments.

3. Meet with the employee one-on-one to discuss their concerns. Before your meeting, prepare an agenda and let them know about it in advance so that they can provide you with relevant information from start! This should be a professional yet Humane approach by showing consideration for both sides of things without being too pushy or overbearing while also maintaining professionalism throughout all interactions.

4. When an employee is underperforming, it can be hard for them to feel like they are part of the project and organization. A good leader will show empathy towards their employees in order to motivate them during this step when needed most!

5. Be sure to check in with your employees frequently, especially during the early stages of their recovery. Offer encouragement and feedback on what they’re doing well as well as areas for improvement so that you can help them succeed!

It’s important to have follow-ups with employees. If you don’t, there is a high chance that their performance won’t improve and they will need more than just one meeting from you before being able to understand why it’s crucial for them to improve in order not only do well but also stay healthy at work!


Viriksha HR Solutions is a HR consultancy in Chennai that has a wealth of experience in performance management and employee productivity. We provide comprehensive HR services in Chennai and know how to identify underperforming employees and help them improve their productivity. Contact us today to learn more about our performance management services.

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