The Secret Formula To Keeping Your Best Employees

The backbone of any company is its employees. A strong employee base helps the business in achieving long-term goals and staying competitive with other companies who are hiring as well, so holding on tightly to top talent becomes important for keeping your firm up against its competition!

To attract the best talent and retain them, companies must plan extensively on how they’ll support new hires. These plans should include employee retention formulas like bonuses or benefits packages as well as regular training sessions that will keep your employees engaged with their work.

What Is Meant By Employee Retention?

The Employee Retention rate is often used as a measure of how well companies are doing when it comes to retaining their employees. HR analytics is an important measure of the health and well-being of your organization. If more people leave, then you should take remedial action to keep up with attrition rates so that unnecessary losses don’t occur within the workforce!

The retention of employees is a huge task for employers and it’s an ongoing process to keep them motivated, so they choose not only to remain employed but also provide benefits back to the company. So effective strategies must be put in place that reduces turnover rates as well as associated costs like hiring new people or training existing staff members which can cost quite some money!

The Reason Why An Employee Leaves Organizations

Leaving a job can be an extremely difficult decision, and there are many reasons why employees leave their jobs. Some of them include:

  • Unhappiness with their work

  • Excessive workload leading to burnout

  • Lack of rapport with co-workers or with boss

  • Not getting recognized for their work

  • Adaptability issues

  • No career progress

  • Toxic work culture

  • Inadequate remuneration

The Surprising Importance of Employee Retention Policy

Keeping your employees is important for any business. The following factors contribute to this:

1. Reduced Time And Cost

Hiring new employees can be both costly and time-consuming, so it’s important to find ways of minimizing this process.

2. Smooth Workflow

The employees who work for a longer time form close bonds with their company and team. These workers are better able to contribute because they’ve been through what you’re going through now, so it’s only natural that success feels like home!

3. Reduced Training Time

New employees require a lot of time and effort to get used to the company’s business. It takes multiple pieces of training for this process, so it must be repeated over again with each new hire.

Guidelines for improving employee retention rates

Calculating employee retention rate can be a Herculean task, and there’s an easy formula that most companies use to arrive at their answer. So the Formula is:

Employee retention rate formula = (Number of employees that stayed with the company for the full term/Number of employees at the start of the period) *100


Employee retention rate = [(total number of workers – number of employees who left)/total number of employees] *100

Why Retained Employees Are Key To Success

The benchmark to see how the firms are performing as compared with other companies is a good retention rate. If many people leave an organization but only senior members or talented coworkers stay behind, then there may be some serious problems going on inside of their business management!

The retention ratios for all industries in developing countries are generally above 90. But recent reports indicate retention rates in India have dropped to 80-85 and are expected to drop even lower. This is a worrisome trend.

Importance Of Employee Retention Strategy

The goal of an employee retention strategy is to make sure that your top talent doesn’t leave the organization. turnover rates are costly and time-consuming, so it’s important for companies not only to have a good workforce but also to keep them around!

It is important to have strategies in place for employee retention. If you lose a high-performing or key staff member, it can seriously affect your team’s morale and productivity as well as negatively impact workflow – all of which will decrease business success rates!

Strategies for Reducing Employee Turnover

Some Of The Ways To Keep Employees Working For Your Company Are:

a. Analyze Employee’s Profile

The first pick for employees should be those with qualities of loyalty, patience, and perseverance. This way they can help the company grow by building upon their reputation as well-rounded professionals who stay longer in jobs instead of job hopping around town looking at other opportunities which might come up soon enough!

b. Provide Support

Promoting employees in continuous promotions helps them realize that they’re valued and provides growth opportunities. This is important because if an individual doesn’t feel like there’s room to advance, then chances of leaving are much higher than average

c. Offer The Right Kind Of Benefits

The benefits and perks of working for a company are an essential part of keeping employees happy. From flexible work options, generous paid leaves as well as health insurance; there’s no better way to retain talent than with great incentives!

d. Ensure Proper Communication With Transparency

Allowing employees to voice their opinions and provide insightful feedback on important matters makes them realize that it is a privilege for managers or directors of an organization to give attention to one’s work. This can lead people to stay longer in jobs where they are given appreciation from management as well!

e. Produce A Safe, Non-Toxic Work Environment

Happy employees are productive and creative, which means they’ll stay with your company longer than unhappy ones while a good work environment is key to keeping them around!


The retention of employees in an organization is crucial. It must be planned out carefully so that the firm has its strongest workforce, and it should aim for improvement each year with careful thought put into it. Viriksha HR Solution are one of the finest HR consultancy in Chennai who can guide organizations in retaining their top performing employees through their market driven approaches.

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